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Happy Sunny Holiday Season!!

Perhaps it is precisely this beautiful weather that has made everything in my musical world run a bit late! I do hope you are all starting to enjoy some familiar and maybe even some new Christmas Carols now that Thanksgiving is behind us! Because it was a bit hard to...
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Coming back to Reality! And the Music! :-)

Yes, I did manage to escape completely for awhile there! Hope all of you did as well! However more and more these last few cool days, I find my thoughts drifting to, piano, all of you, the studio and the schedule!!!!!!! I am currently updating just a bit,  however unless...
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Recital Sunday May 21 st Holland Area Arts Council Bldg 150 E th Street 2:00 P.M. Please arrive at 1:45 Earlier if you would like to attempt to get a few minutes at the piano. However I cannot tell you for sure they will let you in earlier than 1:45...
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